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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

YOP is a trio that mixes digital and human-driven Post Punk, Kraut, and Noise from Ballina (Ireland). Sid (bass and vocals), Conor (guitars, synths, and vocals), and their drum machine. After their previous singles, they recently released their first EP via Ballina’s Wahshstuff Records. It is called The World is a Hell.

I'm delighted to discover that as far as I go in the countryside of Ireland the bands I've met have something political to say, we really appreciate that someone still has the straights to clearly make a point about the corrupted society we are in (for many reasons).

We had fun assembling the playlist so don't miss it and click play to enjoy as we did!


01. YOP - Propaganda By The Deed

02. Les Big Byrd - I Tried So Hard

03. 50 Foot Woman - Fashion Statement

04. La Elite - Bailando

05. Dr. Alimantado - Born for a Purpose & Reason For Living

06. Blitz - I Don't Need You

07. Native - Exhaustion

08. Kreidler - Kremlin Rules

09. The Altered Hours - Over The Void

10. Goat - All-seeing Eye

11. Big Black - Bad Penny

12. Renee Biname - Djil Copiche

13. Syndrome 81 - Desert Urbain

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