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nowHere "Zeropunkt"

Based in Dublin, Zeropunkt is Fergus Cullen (saxophones, guitars, voice, keys, synthesizer, clarinet, piano, flutes), Jamie Davis (drums, percussion, saxophone), Damien Lennon (bass, effects).

As they said: "Zeropunkt has no songs. We have no genre. Our music has been described variously as para-generic, neo-psychedelic, experimental, and even neanderthal. But it's truer to say we play a sort of country music or music from a country that doesn't exist. We'd like to think we call to fluid and hypothetical places where topography rolls and juts, sinks and flattens, where nature's colors are flexible, where cities rise and fall, and thoughts and minds are elastic. We play without schemes, without objectives, and often without the comforts of the prewritten. No charts, no precepts, no themes. There is no plan."

They have prepared a playlist of their influences, we use to request 45 min of music and we are in love when musicians go overtime because the process involves so many things they are passionate about! so here we are with a great mix all for YOU!



01. Zeropunkt - Bitch Nails

02. Veil of Alchemy - Paneles Hexagonales

03. Cluster - In Ewigkeit

04. Iasos - Lueena Coast

05. Miles Davis - Billy Preston

06. Software - Island Sunrise

07. Tasuaki Shimizu - Crow

08. Makers - Don't Challenge Me

09. Steve Lacy - The Bite

10. Massive Of Brooklyn - At The Top

11. Da Minds Of Sol - Blinded by Light

12. SEC - Weight Watchers

13. MF Doom - Spikenard

14. Real Crookz - Da Champion

15. Rage N Ranad - It's Mine

16. Brigitte Fontaine with Aleski and Art Ensemble of Chicago - Comme A la Radio

17. Chiemi Eri - Otemo Yan

18. Peter King - Prince Far I Foggy Road

19. James Chance - Designed to Kill

20. Captain Beeheart - Kandy Korn

21. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Street 66

22. The Fall - Living Too Late

23. Don Cherry - Degi Degi

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