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#safemix06 Mattia

Ireland is doing well fighting the Covid-19 but unfortunately, the situation still not allowing us to return back and spin records live! Mattia is one of our residents' DJ. His knowledge about music is incredible and he owns over 4000 vinyl records.

His mix includes a selection of bands from the '90s alternative scene. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did while putting together this post.


01. Human Drama - Another Fifty Miles

02. Shivaree - Daring Lousy Guy

03. Satchel - Taste It

04. Macha - Capital City

05. Yeasayer - Wait for the Summer

06. Lotion - Dalmacia 007

07. Scott Weiland - Where's the Man

08. Michelle Shocked - A Child Like Grace

09. Kristin Hersh - Hips and Makers

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