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#safemix20 Kasia

Welcome to the #safemix number 20! Kasia is a dear friend, She follows the blog and constantly sends us tracks we might use on our playlist, so the next step for us was to involve her to create a special one! Kasia is from Poland based in Dublin, she loves concerts, listening to music, and is a great photographer.

COVID is almost gone and when we were ready to quit the #safemix sessions, the war in Ukraine started. We are against any kind of violence. NO WAR, Putin stop killing your brothers.

Kasia mix is a brilliant playlist of music that goes from a dreamy cinematic trip to chilling electronics. We hope you will love it as we did while assembling it!



01. Transglobal Underground - Sky Giant

02. Max Richter - On The Nature of Daylight

03. Hidden Orchestra - Antiphon

04. Clint Mansell - Stay with Me (feat. Kronos Quartet)

05. The Cinematic Orchestra - Burn Out

06. Quart - Life Is Beautiful

07. Tor - Drum Therapy

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