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#safemix22 Marco

After the funny night at The Big Romance with the Italian records, we have a friend's playlist we wish to have had here in Dublin. Marco is the Metaversus manager, based in Bologna (Italy), It's a press office focused on helping independent labels to spread their music all over the social, webzine, and magazines. A good number of labels we like work with him like MiaCameretta Records, To Lose La Track and bands like Klimt 1918, Vanessa Van Basten, and Santamuerte.

Enjoy Marco's selection!


01. Isis - False Light

02. Cave In - Joy Opposites

03. Cult of Luna - Leave Me Here

04. Jesu - Sun Day

05. Vanessa Van Basten - Floaters

06. Settlefish - We Please The Night, Drama

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