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#safemix19 Livio

The #safemix sessions continue with a special new playlist mixed, at this time, by Livio. He is from Catania, Italy. Livio is a Cinema critic and writer for multiple magazines with national relevance in Italy, he also wrote a biography about Sergio Citti a director and screenwriter who influenced Pier Paolo Pasolini's cinema. Livio is also a co-writer of the book "I film da vedere a vent'anni" a list of films to see in your 20s to create a solid critical background to approach the Cinema.

I share with Livio almost 20 years of friendship and concerts together. We went to see a lot of movies as well but I was sleeping most of the time, shame on me, but with good points on my pocket eh eh (it's not true).

Livio spent some time abroad and for this playlist, he prepared an interesting mix that explores bands from the Spanish punk scene "Nueva Ola".



01. Polanski y El Ardor - Ataque preventive de la URSS

02. Ataque De Caspa - Viaje a Egipto

03. Décima Victima - Un Hombre Solo

04. Derribos Arias - Branquias Bajo el Agua

05. La Mode - Mi Dulce Geisha

06. Radio Futura - La Secta del Mar

07. Glutamato Ye Ye - El Suicida

08. La Banda Sin Futuro - Harrisburg

09. Loquillo y Trogloditas - El Ritmo del Garaje

10. 091 - Fuego en Mi Oficina

11. Zombies - Groenlandia

12. Alaska y Los Pegamoides - Horror en el Supermercado

13. Gabinete Caligari - Héroes de la Union Sovietica

14. Los Nikis - La Cancion de la Suciedad

15. Alaska y Dinarama - Perlas Ensangrentadas

16. Kiko Veneno - Seré Mecanico por Ti

17. Paralisis Permanente - Quiero Ser Santa

18. Las Vulpess - Me Gusta Ser una Zorra

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