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#safemix04 Sebastiano

Hello, I'm Sebastiano and I am a member of the staff of nowhere blog and the contact point for the DJ nights. I really miss seeing you live but because of this pandemic reality, it's not possible at the moment.

I started the #safemix sessions to keep in contact with the DJs and guests to prepare a playlist of music they love! It's working well since I had the opportunity to discover and share new music. So finally I had time to prepare mine :)

If you want to prepare yours feel free to contact us on whatever social you prefer or directly from the About page of the blog.


01. Big Ups - Goes Black

02. Shellac - Billiard Player Song

03. Bastro - Nothing Special (My Dad Is Dead Cover)

04. Girls Against Boys - She's Lost Control (Joy Division Cover)

05. Uzeda - Sleep Deeper

06. Arab On Radar - Inventor

07. Brainiac - Radio Apeshot

08. Patton - Une Politique De Bas De Gamme

09. Zu & Spaceways Inc. - Theme De Yoyo (Art Ensable of Chicago Cover)

10. Clown Core - Toilet

11. Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses

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