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#safemix05 Keith

Here we go again with a new #safemix session! This time we received a great list from Keith. He is one of our best supporters and as far as we tried a few times to have him live, with the fact that he was based in London it has never been easy to reach him. He is now back in Dublin and so. When everything will reopen, for sure we will not miss the opportunity to invite him again.

His selection of tunes is a mix that goes from Hardcore Punk to Electronic, from Noisy bands to Funk music! All of it makes it a brilliant mix with a very unique flow.

Stay Safe and Enjoy!


01. Laurie Anderson - From The Air

02. Von Sudenfed - Fledermaus Can't Get It

03. Liars - Mask Maker

04. Suicide - Ghost Rider

05. Tom Dissevelt - Whirling

06. Melt-Banana - Circle-Jack (Chase the Magic Words, Lego Lego)

07. Famous - Surf's Up!

08. Ex Models - Sex Automata

09. Raymond Scott - Nescafe

10. Sweet Trip - Conservation of Two

11. The Fall - New Big Prinz

12. Tropical Fuck Storm - You Let My Tyres Down

13. The Cairo Gang - Shivers

14. Piero Piccioni - Capriccio

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