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#safemix08 Ultranoia

Ultranoia is one of our foreign followers from Turin, Italy! We discovered a lot of music thanks to her passion and research, so we had taken the chance of asking her to prepare a playlist for us! As expected She did a brilliant job.


01. Wolf Parade - Modern World

02. Hum - Step Into You

03. Moonface - Julia With Blue Jeans On

04. Bodychoke - I Can't Wait

05. These New Puritans - Fragment Two

06. Nothing - Hymn to the Pillory

07. Kathryn Joseph - Tell My Lover

08. Arab Strap - Gourmet

09. Hood - You Show No Emotion At All

10. Seam - Sweet Pea

11. Midwife - RTD, Pt. 1

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