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#safemix09 Fatima

We are back with a new #safemix, we involved Fatima at this time. She is a DJ but primarily a sick music lover like many of us! She discovered nowhere during the lockdown and then started to share a lot of music with us. When everything will return back as normal you will certainly see her on our dec, she has a gorgeous LPs collection ready to be spin on our record nights.



01. Frustration - We Have Some...

02. Le Prince Harry - So Cold by Your Side

03. Wild Classical Ensemble - De Wind

04. Juniore - Panique

05. Black Lips - Gentle Violence

06. John Maus - Touchdown

07. The Feeling of Love - Jealous Guy

08. Stereolab - Tempter

09. Requin Chagrin - Adelaïde

10. La Femme - It's Time To Wake Up 2023

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