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#safemix10 Sarah

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Here we go with another #safemix! the number 10 is from Sarah. She started to receive playlists from Sebastiano so many years before the existence of the blog, they attended a lot of beautiful concerts and festivals together. She was shy at the beginning but in the end, she did a great job putting together an excellent selection.



01. Dinosaur Jr - Feel The Pain

02. June of 44 - Sink iI Busted

03. The Black Heart Procession - Blue Water Black Heart

04. Sebadoh - Soul and Fire

05. Codeine - Realize

06. Songs:Ohia - Tigress

07. Slint - Washer

08. Jesu - Silver

09. Grandaddy - He's Simple He's Dumb He's The Pilot

10. Sophia - Directionless

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