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#safemix14 Frances

We have a great guest for our #safemix session at this time, Frances is an old friend who is always involved in supporting, volunteering, organizing anything that keeps alive the DIY and underground scene.

She created a stunning playlist with a lot of her influences from the Italian HC/Noise underground and stuff she has been into in the last few months.



01. The Turin Horse - The Light That Failed

02. Strebla - Houdini

03. Exhalants - Blackened

04. Dos Cabrones - La Scimmia di Dio

05. Submeet - White Arms

06. the Jackson Pollock - Surf


08. MATA - Message No.11

09. Sacrobosco - Both Sides of the Sky

10. Sprain - Worship House

11. Brutal Birthday - Commotion

12. Ultrakelvin - Hellzabomber

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