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#safemix16 Adrien

As far as people get vaccinated governments are slowly reducing the restrictions! We sincerely hope that we are close to the end of this dark tunnel. Despite that, we keep going posting a new #safemix of friends that were close to us during the pandemic but far from where we live! so we keep going inviting our favorite music addicted. Adrien is a French guy we meet in Dublin during the short period he spent on the island before moving to Paris. We spent nights talking about music and Jamming together.

Adrien mixed a brilliant selection of electronic music that makes us tripping while assembling it for YOU!



01. Superpoze - Opening

02. Egopusher - Patrol

03. Montoya - Umza

04. DakhaBrakha - Vesna

05. Moontricks - Midnight Groove

06. Chapellier Fou - Darling, Darling, Darling...

07. N'to - In The Mood For Noune

08. Kid Francescoli - 'Prince Vince'

09. Demouche - Sweet Dávila

10. Cascadeur - Meaning (Choral Version)

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