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nowHere "Rosie Okae"

Stridente gifted us with another interview, at this time with Rosie Okae, she is a singer and theater director based in London. Her music is hard to define, yet memorably catchy, Rosie Okae experiments with pop, electronica, folk, and soul, amongst other genres.

She collaborates with musician/ producer Justin Paton, of Now, to make, redraft, refine and up-end her songs – an evolution evident in the freshness of each live performance of their work. The constants to be found each time, however, are rich vocalization, satisfying melodies, and an anthemic, yet fragile lyrical style.

If you want to know something more about her directly, watch out for the #StridenteMeets interview:

We asked Rosie to prepare a playlist about her influences and music she is up to share with YOU! It's a mix of enjoyable electronics, krautrock, soul, and pop. Have fun!


01. Rosie Okae - Help Myself

02. Now We'Ve Got Members - Teleologies

03. Chassol - Dominos, Pt. III

04. Matthew E. White - Cool Out (feat. Natalie Prass)

05. Masselys - Songs for the Future

06. Nicolas Michaux - Les Iles Desertes

07. Can - Vitamin C

08. Dutch Uncles - Orval

09. Stevie Wonder - Please Don't Go

10. D'Angelo - Africa

11. Chaka Khan - Love Has Fallen On Me

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