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#safemix21 Šárka

The approach of nowhere music is pretty much music-oriented trying to keep all the crap is happening in around out, the intent of the #safemix was to cover our Vinyl records night inviting friends to select some music during Covid, so... now... it's kind of a messy situation with cases that are spiking again, luckily with minor symptoms, but in the meantime war in Ukraine escalated to a level that we feel we are going 30 years back to the past, right in the middle of the Cold War! It's only the end of March but we are in Fuck 2022 mood.

So to sweeten it a little we asked Šárka for a new #safemix. She is not even 20 years old but she prepared a stunning mix, She is from the Czech Republic and selected the playlist during her journey going back home by train (It's the reason why we added The Speeding Train of The Van Pelt in the background during her audio message). We hope you will enjoy as we did while assembling all together for YOU!


01. Basement - Covet

02. Pill Friends - Satan Is Your Master

03. Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - Desk Chair

04. Pavement - Harness Your Hopes

05. Eels - Flyswatter

06. Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy

07. The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen

08. Manic Street Preachers - She Is Suffering

09. Radiohead - Just

10. The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes

11. Pixies - Hey

12. Stuck in the Sound - Purple

13. Kashmir - Surfing The Warm Industry

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